• Consultation & Preparation of Drawings as per SMPV & GCR, Petroleum rules.

    Obtaining Approval, Grant of License from PESO

  • Inspection, Testing and Issue of Safety Certificates under SMPV Rules (Rule 18, 19, 33, 43) Approved by Chief Controller of Explosives, Nagpur

  • Inspection, Testing and Issue of Safety Certificates under Petroleum Rules(Rules 126 & 130) Approved by Chief Controller of Explosives, Nagpur

  • Supply & Service of Safety relief Valves

    Supply & Erection of Pressure Vessels, Vapouriser, Pipelines, PRS System

    Supply & Erection of Fire Fighting Systems

About Us

Centaur consultants provides the safety solution on the facts of planning and safety auditing. The Centaur consultants in the path  group of competent persons , has grown its wing by supporting factories, oil and gas industries and power plants for the last 15 years. His competency in safety is widely acknowledged by his clients and Petroleum regulatory board in India. The Centaur consultants has a motto as Functioning with Customer Grievance with Safety Must(FCGSM).
The Centaur consultancy carries out the ambitious project and support the industry by providing solution in SMPV, Factories Safety, Dock safety, Risk based management and PESO regularities for the industries.
The Establishment of Centaur consultancy is found all over India with headquarters at Chennai. The Centaur consultancy also stretch its hands in safety activates and HSE regularities in offshore and cross-border operations outside India.